Ken Linsteadt Architects is a design studio based in San Francisco. 

Our portfolio includes residential work ranging from contemporary architecture to historic preservation, and often explores the rich and complex intersection between the two. When embarking on a new project, we are most inspired by our clients’ dreams and the spirit of the site. This is always the jumping-off point—from there we apply our diverse experience in architecture, interiors, and art, and the design process is underway.

Ken Linsteadt Architects’ work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Luxe Interiors+Design, Interior Design, Remodelista and more.


Ken Linsteadt (Principal) has been practicing architecture for over 30 years, and still begins every design as he always has: with a hand-drawn sketch. Linsteadt began his career in New York, working with Philip Johnson; after moving to San Francisco, he worked at Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill and BAR Architects before opening Ken Linsteadt Architects in 1998. 


Babac Doane (Principal) a third generation architect, has been practicing in the Bay Area for over 20 years. He worked at Studios Architecture and BAR Architects before going into private practice in 2000; he joined Ken Linsteadt Architects in 2010.  Doane is also an accomplished painter and sculptor—some of this work is on display at the KLA studio.

Senior Architectural Team

Molly Nolan Layshock    Associate Principal

Molly Nolan Layshock
Associate Principal

Lori Perlman    Senior Associate

Lori Perlman 
Senior Associate

Greg Layshock    Senior Associate

Greg Layshock 
Senior Associate

Lisa Victor   Senior Associate

Lisa Victor
Senior Associate

Leo Rodriguez    Senior Associate

Leo Rodriguez 
Senior Associate

Jonás Hernández    Senior Associate

Jonás Hernández 
Senior Associate

Randy Simonson   Senior Associate

Randy Simonson
Senior Associate


Studio Team

Anahita Aliasgarian
Jeffrey Armstrong
Scott Budnick
Carmela de la Hera Ciaurriz
Wendy Cowles
Robyn Hall
Nicholas H. Hansman
Clarissa Hansmann
Jessica Harrington

Narek Mirzaei
Maggie Ochsner
Joshua Olivas
Maria Clara Sanchez
Edward Saum
Josh Snyder
Lindsay Spain
Chelsie Thompto
Lucy Webb

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